4 Items that Must be Included in your Budget

4 Items that Must be Included in your Budget

A look at a colleague’s budget for January 2018 was shocking and got me thinking. He had allotted about 60 percent of his budget to socials (outing, meeting with family and friends)

Who is going to grow like that financially? You can’t allot such percentage to social affairs, that’s ridiculous. Remember, you are just spending, and the focus should be on items that would propel you to earn more.

If you have started preparing your budget for the month or year, there are about three items that must be part of your budget this year, and that includes health, self-development, happiness, and investment.


Health is paramount. They say health is wealth and that must be understood in all spheres. At least 10 percent of your monthly income should be channelled to your health. The ripple effect of not taking good care of your health is disastrous.

A single ailment could cost you a fortune, and that wouldn’t be fine. Sickness does not just develop; they are the physical manifestation of the things that have gone wrong in your body for years.

A particular drug taken for seven consecutive days has a good chance of eliminating any form of ailment in your body. You have to start freeing up your body systems from toxins.


Self-development is in various forms, it could be educational, it could body outlook, and it could be mental and physiological development. No matter what it will cost, you have to allot a portion of your income to self-development.

Education is critical and one of the roadmaps to success. It is imperative that this item form an integral part of your budget for the year 2018.


Happiness! It sounds funny to include happiness on a budget. Some of you might say I haven’t heard this before. But the truth is that happiness increases your lifespan, and there is nothing as disastrous as being sad.

Exercising could increase your level of happiness, going out with your friends could also do the same, the same thing could be applied to having a life partner, etc.


Investment should be a critical aspect of your budget for the year. You should at least allot about 20 percent of your monthly income to investment. You will always have what to fall back at during unforeseen situations.


2018 should be a year of beautiful resolutions that must be strictly adhered to. You have to have a substantial budget that would reflect the entirety of sound well-being, and that should incorporate items like happiness, health, investment, and self-development.