Financial Success: Redesigning the Thought Template of the Poor.

Financial Success: Redesigning the Thought Template of the Poor.
“Thought is the original source of all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions, and of all achievement.”
                   —Claude M. Bristol
A large disparity between the rich and the poor exist today in every society. In developed countries like US, the rich usually have a better view about the poor. They believe the poor aren’t exactly poor, they are still okay.
There is an adage that days poverty is a state of the mind. Most poor people usually think in the same line.
They go see a movie in a cinema and probably come across the protagonist, they instantly desire to become that person.
Another instance, they watch footballers play on the pitch, they start thinking about how much those stars earn and wish to earn that money.
The poor always think about the instantaneous ways of making money. They are interested in the currency but hardly think of the step by step processes of becoming financially successful.
They forget that to become rich in life, one must learn and practice things that weren’t in the picture.
The poor apparently lacks the understanding of how wealth is created, the clear cut rationale behind what to put in and put out is missing.
The thought is always one sided, they don’t think about value creation rather the money. They desire virtually for eveything, fame without having any talent, money without any effort, riches without readiness to work and invest.
In the corporate world, you see them wanting to leave the office at the first minutes but aren’t ready to come at the first minutes. The complaints from such people are continuos, their talents remains flat without development.
That unquenchable desire to make currencies often triggers the poor to start thinking of quick rich schemes. They try different kinds of lotteries, gamble with their money because it has to be doubled.
Importantly, the takeaway isn’t that mindset makes you financially successful, rather it opens your subconscious mind to see the world differently.
When you possess the right mindset you start thinking of how to take actions and stop giving excuses. This is what we have seen poor people do overtime. They sit back without developing those necessary skills because they have that fearful mindset.
 “I will study and prepare myself and someday my chance will come.”
                                — Abraham Lincoln
Key Lessons
There are no specific formula or template to becoming financially successful, but failure is guaranteed if certain things aren’t put in order.
Develop the mind set of the rich, they are always learning and developing on a skill. This is not the same story with the poor, there is always an excuse of no time.
Paying close attention to adding value is paramount, there is no limitation to what or value you can offer.
In other words, it is imperative to start offering more than what you currently earn. The focus should be value, value, value.
Conclusively, continuous learning, adding value, working more than what you earn, preparing ahead are activities that will not guarantee financial failure.