​The Rich and Poor ​

​The Rich and Poor ​
Every nation is made up of the rich and the poor. Majority focus on how to make money and discard the principles of becoming successful.
Most people will remain poor due to their perception and behavioural patterns. The rich have a certain laid out principles that work for them, thus becoming more successful. 
Below are some of the areas and life patterns that distinguish the both parties.

Creation and Consumption

The poor will always focus on consumption and while the rich will focus on creation.

There is no dedication whatsoever towards creating what others will consume. The poor will always work tirelessly towards buying things that were created by others.

The rich on the other hand will rather spend time trying to create something others will use. Most of the wealthy individuals do not buy things that are expensive but the poor.
Value for Time
The poor don’t value time while the rich see time as the most precious commodity. The poor don’t delegate tasks to save time; instead, they prefer spending lots of time carrying out duties that don’t add value.

For instance, the rich may probably prefer watching TV shows that add value to their time, while the poor don’t analyse if its adding value or not.

However, the rich understand the value in delegating tasks of less value at a fee, instead of carrying out those task and waste time.

Public Appearance

The rich do not appear rich by buying luxuries

Instead they focus on things that are of high priority. Some of the luxuries the poor thrives on getting later become burden to them in the long run.

Saving and Investment

The reality is that saving money is an excellent foundation to becoming wealthy, but the question is what are you saving money on?

The rich save money to invest in something valuable while the poor save money to buy something. What an irony!

Saving money without any clear-cut purpose of the investment is meaningless. The mind-set of just keeping money in the bank without any venture is out-dated, and that’s the way poor people act.


The poor will always be afraid to take up credits that the rich see it as leverage. You can’t buy things on credit and become indebted. If someone must take credit let be a credit that worth taking.

For instance, one could probably secure s loan and buy real estate properties which in turn brings monetary value, that’s how the rich acts.

Source of Income

The poor have only one source of income while the rich focus on multiple sources of income. No one has ever become super rich through one source.

If you focus on one source of income, you work so hard to keep the job, but when you have multiple sources, it becomes less stressful to worry about anything.


Pay more attention to time by creating something for consumption, while focusing on building different sources of income.

When you have the money, don’t keep saving money in the bank, look for better investment opportunities. You can also leverage other people’s money.