10-Minutes With Abiola Seton Adebayo, CEO, Bee’s Candy Bar

Abiola Seton Adebayo Bees Candy

Bee’s Candy Bar is a premium confectionery that provides mouth watering retail and candy gift services. We cater to occasions by displaying our candy bar which is customized according to the theme or color of the event. We cater to people of all ages and taste buds, by not only serving sweeties but also serving healthy yummies.

We serve party flavours at weddings, bridal and baby showers, baby christenings, birthdays, and corporate gigs. We also deliver candy gift items. Our candies include chocolates, marshmallows, jellies, mints, lollipops, gumballs, candy floss, pretzels, macaroons, cakes, cupcakes, popcorns, coconut Chips, and the local candies; Burundi, chuk chuk, kokoro, baba dudu etc.

I have been in this business for about two years, but started out on my own 5 months ago. Parties back then didn’t have flair like what we observe today. It was just a plate of food and then drinks, probably add small chops if one is lucky.  A party is dull without the elaborate and exciting display of a Candy bar. It is a party attraction and it adds color to any event, it also speaks luxury. That was what motivated me to start.

 There is the pomp and pageantry that goes with the display of our candy bar, we serve candies from around the world including our very own Nigerian delicacies such as baba dudu, chuk chuk, kokoro, burundi etc. The second is Integrity, which is key in any service industry.

 A number of factors distinguishes our brand, they are: reliability, integrity and the African infusion of yummies, which is a favorite for our corporate and elderly clients.

Our unique selling point is our versatility to meet the client’s expectation. The fact that health buffs can also enjoy yummies from our table. We don’t just give sweets we also care about you.

 I remember my first job for a client, it was her daughter’s 15th birthday party. She was simply elated, and very proud of her decision, because the table was the centre of attraction not just for the yummies but also for taking selfies. That moment was a memorable one for me.

  “When a customer walks into our business they can expect he should expect yummy treats delivered with superior customer service.

What really makes us unique is the fusion of the African yummies with the foreign ones. And the fact that anybody (young, elderly, health buff etc) can enjoy treats from our Candy bar.

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