3 Things To Look Out For At The Star Euro Club Experience


When you think of a viewing center, the first thing that often comes to mind is a rough rowdy room, with loud noise and a group of teeming fans who can sometimes be too excited. However, Star Lager may be about to amplify that experience.

In a bid to share in the excitement of the football season, Star launched the Euro-club initiative on the 10th of February 2019 in 3 different cities including Lagos, Benin, Owerri and will now activate centers in, Calabar, Markudi and Lagos on Sunday, 31st of March 2019.

To achieve the goal of giving football lovers a larger than life football experience, here are 3 activities that help shape the premium viewing experience for the fans and audience all around:

FUN GAMES: Football lovers with any intention of watching a match outside their homes end up arriving the viewing centers earlier than expected, either to secure the perfect spot or in order to catch the action from the very beginning. Star Euro Club gave fans at the last viewing experience, the opportunity to juggle their football memory while they wait, by engaging them with football quizzes and tests. Participants who won got rewarded with exciting star lager branded items.

COLD BEER/ SNACKS: What is a viewing match experience without a cold beer? The common reason why young adults leave the comfort of their home is to be able to chill off with a cold beer while the heat of the game is on. One sure thing to look out for at the Star Euro Club viewing center is how chilled the drinks are. To take it up a notch, snacks are also available. Now imagine the combination of very chilled beer, snacks, and an exciting match … feels like the brighter side right?

FOOTBALL BANTERS AND CONVERSATION: Football banter and conversations are arguably one of the reasons why people also leave the comfort of their home to viewing centers. Most football fans like to air their opinion as regards the game while some like to just sip their chilled beer and listen. In an atmosphere where fun games, cold beer, and snacks have created a bond amongst total strangers, various interesting opinions are expected whilst cheering on favorite teams and players.

I bet you now understand why the Star Euro Club Experience is one of a kind. As a build-up to the next match, look around you and see if you can spot a referee. You stand a chance of being entertained and getting gift items, you can also ask for directions to the nearest viewing center so you don’t get to miss out on the exclusive viewing experience.