Abiola Olowolagba, Founder, LTB Education Consult On Her Brand

Abiola Olowo, Founder, LTB Education Consult

The LTB Education Consult is a hub of pre- varsity education and a consulting firm for stakeholders in the education sector.

When it comes to international admission processing, study abroad package, full and part time scholarship opportunity; LTB Consult is the right place to go.

Getting the adequate information and doing it right is as important as can be; many international college bound applicants make grievous mistakes from the get go. At LTB Consult, we start this journey with our would-be client from the scratch and we take them through. Our services are bespoke in nature as individual that walk in into our establishments has unique needs. We are purposeful and particular without this the chances at admission can be derailed.

LTB Consult also offer A Level program; this is a form six institution of further education. What we offer our students are pathway programs into prestigious national and international universities.

LTB Consult A Level program is a one year academic calendar full-time program, that provides students with a core of modules designed to prepare them for a wide variety of undergraduate courses in three different pathways. We welcome prospective students and parents alike to come have the unique experience of being LTB Graduates. We provide hitch free access to top quality national and international university education at an affordable price.

Our curriculum is tailor made to our affiliated Universities from different countries. We offer University Foundation Program such as IJMB, Cambridge A level. We pride ourselves in our teaching method, our people and our process

Our vision is to be the education consultant that provides student dedicated and parent assured educational services in Nigeria and Africa at large.

We have a mission to provide bespoke education designated to advance humanity, dedicated service and total commitment of our students. To empower Students with the knowledge that shapes and directs their self-discovery, development and career pathways. To be dynamic in our delivery of flexible instructional packages that suits the unique nature of every individual. We also want to create a learning environment that provides innovative and exciting learning experience for all students and staff. Our core purpose is providing affordable, accessible and hitch-free national and international educational services and programs.

We offer education management and consulting. We do business development services as its relates to education.  We partner with Universities, Business schools, College and international professional bodies to bring quality professional and career development courses to individual and corporate organisations. We source for and recruit eligible student to international university of choice. We organise seminar, exhibition for colleges, business schools and universities who wish to make themselves known to the Nigeria Market. We have successfully worked with organizations like FAAN, NYSC to mention but few.

LTB Consult started in Oct 2013. I was working as a business development executive for a college in UK then; it started as a side business and mainly as an educational digital marketer; the college need a good and committed digital marketer and we couldn’t get one; after many failed interviews I decided to talk to a friend who is a seasoned sales experts, then LTB Consult was birth. In Oct 2016 I resigned from my paid employment and fully decide to go all out; I worked from home for 2 months, moved into a hub Jan 2017 within 7 months we moved out of the hub and into a bit bigger and spacious place.

I resigned at a crucial time; a time any perceived reasonable person wouldn’t dare, yet my 9-5 isn’t paying the bills as it should and the passion keeps yearning to be birth


My utmost motivation is “my zeal and passion to run a successful university college in Nigeria” it keeps me awake and keeps the light burning…


Our service is one of a kind; we are all about the impact and less about profit. We are social enterprise; yet for business”

We are a one stop pre-varsity place be it national or international education; we take each child from high school and prepares and nurture to their university year. There is something for everybody. Ideally we start from senior high with weekend mathematics and English language clinic, to UTME registration and preparation. Also A level classes for college bound students be it in our country Nigeria or as an international applicant. Foreign tests (SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE & GMAT) registration and preparation. International admission placement. University foundation program. We take a step further by getting pastoral care and host families for our international college bound students who are still in the age group 16-19. LTB Consult Ltd is mothering in nature; we are always there all the way.