Baba #WhileYouWereAway: Godwin Killed the naira, Kachikwu Yabbed Amaechi

Our dear President is coming back to Nigeria on Sunday. Yes, he was supposed to come back on Friday. But we have it on good authority that he decided against it. His freshly repaired ears are too delicate to start experiencing the cry of the wailers again.
You already know that while Baba was away, that man at the CBN, called Godwin tried to confuse Nigerians with something he called “flexible exchange rate” but which is actually a “secret” name for “killing” the naira. The president has always vowed that he will not allow the naira to be killed as long as he is the President. In fact, he said that as far back as 1984, when the IMF asked him to kill the naira, he refused, so why will he now kill it in 2016.
So, this Godwin at the CBN waited for Baba to travel to London and then went ahead to kill the naira behind him. We have it on good authority that Baba has not been told that the naira has been killed. We know he will be mad if he gets to hear about it.
But we also understand that Godwin may be lucky. Baba cannot hear very well again. Yes, the surgery was successful but we all know that Baba is old, so his ears cannot be as sharp as it was when he was young. So, Baba may never get to hear that the naira was killed while he was away. That is why Godwin will get away with this murder in Baba’s absence.
Another person that will get away with insubordination is that stubborn boy called Kachikwu, the boy, who dare to insult Baba’s favourite son, Amaechi, in whom he is “well pleased.” Kachikwu is lucky that no one will be able to whisper into Baba’s ear, how he insulted Amaechi. Anyway, we are happy Baba is back. We understand his kitchen cabinet have  taken some sign language instructions too while Baba was away.