‘Blueprint Certification’ To Create Facebook Certified Professionals

Facebook has introduced a new certification, the Facebook Certified Professional also referred to as  “Blueprint Certification.” It is a global credentialing program for digital advertising professionals created to  get the most out of the social media giant’s powerful marketing  platform.
 Facebook launched the Blueprint e-learning platform in 2015 to help marketers around the world succeed by providing the tools and training needed to learn how Facebook and Instagram can help grow their business.
With 3 million active advertisers on Facebook and over 60 million Pages,  Facebook wants to ensure that all advertisers have the opportunity to  better drive value for their business through Facebook’s advertising  products.
There are currently two certification paths available; the Facebook  Certified Planning Professional and the Facebook Certified Buying  Professional.
Once an individual has selected their certification path, they will have the opportunity to prepare for and take two secure, proctored exams – the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam, and then the exam in their chosen specialty.
These exams have been designed to rigorously measure advanced-level competency in understanding and applying the skills required for the associated job roles. In most cases the exams can be taken with an online proctor in the convenience and privacy of one’s office or home.
Once the exams are passed, the individual will receive a digital badge that can be uniquely verified online by anyone they choose to share it with. The Blueprint Certification badge can be posted on Facebook and other social media embedded in a website or blog or include it in an email signature or electronic résumé.
Recertification requirements must be completed annually to demonstrate  ongoing proficiency and maintain certification status as the Facebook  family of products and services continues to evolve.
Blueprint Certification is now available worldwide. All exams are  initially available in English, with other languages rolling out as they  become available.
This certification helps digital professionals differentiate themselves  in a competitive job market, providing the advertising industry with a better understanding of Facebook ads to help maximize Return on Investment (ROI) and give  businesses a way to select and retain people with expertise in the  Facebook family of products and services.
Blueprint Certification is not only the most rigorous and reliable  measure of Facebook advertising competency; it is also the only one
officially recognized.
“Facebook is committed to helping all marketers succeed using Facebook  and Instagram marketing solutions with our Blueprint e-learning  platform, and through new education opportunities like Blueprint  Certification,” says Katherine Shappley, SMB Regional Director, North  America at Facebook.
“We continue to look for innovative ways to help  small businesses grow by connecting them with new people – around the  corner or around the world.”
As the most advanced-level program, Blueprint Certification demonstrates expertise across the Facebook family of products and services, including advertising on Instagram and Messenger.
With over one million course enrolments, Blueprint has helped marketing professionals and people from businesses of all sizes succeed through Blueprint e-learning modules and from the hands-on training at Blueprint live.
Learn more about Blueprint Certification and set yourself apart as a Facebook Certified Professional today.
Visit https://www.facebook.com/blueprint for more information on Blueprint.