Caution: Banking on Unlimited SMILE Can Make You Really Sad

I assume SMILE, the internet service provider, chose its name because it intended to make it customers always have a smile on their face whenever they use their service. Well, right now they are achieving the opposite with me. I am sad when I use my SMILE.
I subscribe to their unlimited internet service. My account number is 1512002490. I must confess I enjoyed it until about two weeks into my usage when I got a mail from my dear SMILE that I have been consuming too much internet, so much that it is affecting the internet speed of my neighbours. So I was given the “Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Option.”
I should either buy a new package or they will slow down my internet speed considerably so that my neighbours can also enjoy their internet. First, I saw no reason why I am responsible for the slowdown of my neighbour’s internet speed considering we all subscribed independently.
The unlimited package is twice more expensive than any other package on the SMILE network. So I assume it is a premium package for heavy users of data like me. Therefore, I assume if you are offering the package, then you must have the capacity to offer me the premium service I paid for without impacting negatively on your other customers. This is like buying a first class ticket and you are told by the airline that those in economy class are starving because they have given you too much food.
If you ask your customers to pay for a premium service, then you should have the capacity to offer that premium service. It is that simple. But for SMILE, it is not that simple. My internet service has since been slowed down so much that I cannot even open a web page. So decide to call them on their customer service number 0800-44-44-4444 which they say is available “24/7.” On first attempt, they play me music then it cuts off. I try again, and I am told the number is switched off. I keep trying and it keeps switching between music and number switched off. So, I give up.
 Just hope someday a real internet service provider will emerge. Right now, only jokers are in the market. And SMILE is really making me sad now. All these is being done to force me to buy another package, pure corporate extortion.
Do you know of any internet service provider that is really good out there …please share in the comment section below;