Da Viva Extends Reach Through Group



Popular African print brand, Da Viva is expanding its reach across the continent with its recent announcement show of its conglomerate of different wax brands.

This was made known at a media conference on Tuesday by Stephen Dutton, group marketing manager at its corporate head office at Marina

Da Viva and its other brands from the Nichemtex group featured prominently at the Africa Fashion Week 2017.

“Here we have the Da Viva fabric which is the key brand in the group,” explains Dutton, Excellence fabric and Nichem VIP. These materials have really served the fashion industry to a very large extent. The texture and quality of the materials remains the unique selling point of the Nichemtex brands.”

The Nichemtex fabrics also include the Asokombo texile house of brands which is very common in Ghana. Under this group is the ATL, Inspiration, Qspice and the ABC fabrics which also have a hit in the fashion industry.

“With the introduction of these groups, the fashion industry is expected to change face by giving rise to a new type of consumers also driving the future of Africa forward. The aim of this group is to reach a larger scale of consumers, build a long-lasting relationship with stake holders as well as develop micro and macro fashion businesses,” added Dutton.

In addition, Dutton also unveiled the company’s plan for June. revealed the plan of Da viva and ABC wax participation in the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, which held in Lagos at the national Arts Theatre.

According to him, the new ABC wax have been upgraded for African market which has given the company the opportunity to leverage on more market breaks.

Ronke Ademiluyi, CEO of Africa Fashion Week London, explained the significance for National Theatre been the venue for the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. “We chose the National Theatre for this year’s Africa Fashion week because the ABC wax with other fabrics that were used by the designers and the National Theatre are part of the Nigeria’s Heritage. All we wanted to do was heritage.”