How to Double Your Income from Home

What you Need to do When you are Broke

The Internet is one of the most significant innovations ever, and most people are already taken advantage of it.

I have seen lots of people speak about making money from home without sitting in a place for 8hours. How do they do it? They work from home.

Some of these things are more often said than done.  I will share with you practical insights of what it mean working from home.

Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs

If you are a freelancer you don’t need to report at a place, you just work from home and earn your money.

There are many freelance jobs on sites like Upwork and Fiver which most Nigerians are conversant with.

These two websites are top-rated globally, and there is no room for a Nigerian to excel in those platforms, without any form of maneuver.

Most Nigerians ha e made real money working on these platforms, although it might be though especially on a platform like Fiver.

Some Nigerians using Fiver usually claim to be US citizens just for them to have freelance job offers. The advantage of freelancing on websites like Fiver or Upwork is its authenticity.

The challenge is that these freelancing websites have been flooded with many people who are competing to get jobs for peanuts.

“In the worldwide marketplace of today, your skills can be used for anything, including mapping.”

However, you’re also competing against people in developing nations who are willing to work for pennies,”

Some people have had the opportunity to work remotely as content developers. They stay at home so their research and develop good contents for publications on the web.

If you have excellent writing skills, you can start sending out proposals to online media sites seeking for the services of experienced writers or content developers.

Other jobs of similar nature are website development and design, blogging, digital marketer, SEO Specialist.

I have seen some of my friends work as an SEO specialist and web developers.

As part of my freelance jobs, I provided consultancy services on Search Engine Optimization and at the same time managed social media campaigns for a firm in Nigeria.

I only meet when the client needs to have a one-on-one with meeting, and that happened about three times.

Another typical freelance experience I had was when I provided freelance reporting services to BusinessDay, one of the leading media houses in Nigeria.

I intermittently visit the office to liaise with some of my senior colleagues, however, the majority of the times I worked from home.  After writing a report, I send to my boss for a final touch.

Freelance Blogging

Another area that could work for you is to work as a blogger.  Set up a website, and start blogging on a particular niche that you care and know something about. Do not make the mistake of covering the whole slot or more than one niche on your blog or website.

For instance, you can have a niche in grooming. Show your expertise about grooming and at the end sell a product that is related to grooming.

Finally, before hitting the work from home market, understand your area of strength and work on it to become better.  There are other areas of work from home jobs that you can also get depending on your expertise.