Erowo Agha, founder, FABS Talks Her First Aid Box Shop

Erowo Agha The First Aid Box Shop FABS MD
Erowo Agha, founder, The First Aid Box Shop FABS

The First Aid Box Shop also known as FABS is both a product and service-oriented business in the health sector. What we aim to achieve is to equip everyone on basic first aid info, so that they are better prepared to handle emergencies, therefore reducing deaths and the consequences of sudden illness and accidents, either at the workplace or space, at school, at home, in recreational centres or when in motion


We engage in the sales of first aid boxes and kits-for a wide variety of target audience, refills, supplies, AED (automated external defibrillator), safety gadget. Our services include training on first aid, CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation), first aid box and safety audit.


The FABS was registered in 2013. However, I commenced business in 2017. I was under paid employment till July 2017. I greatly feel and know that the conception and delivery of The FABS was divinely orchestrated.


However, sometime in 2012 I was lying in bed and thinking about my super adorable niece, Eni, she was about two or three years old then, and she was quite an over active child, prone to having home accidents and the usual kid’s illnesses.


I am a pharmacist by training, and my sister-in-law would call whenever there was a minor home accident or illness, and each time I would say “where is your first aid box?” Or “you should have a first aid box or “if you had a first aid box, then this would have been so easily resolved.” At times while driving or traveling and I see accident victims, lying helplessly and the on lookers, just being onlookers, unable to give valuable life-saving assistance. It hits me on the necessity of all to have first aid knowledge and a first aid box or kit.


The boxes and kits are not the boring first aid boxes and kits. Innovative designs. Children friendly stuff.

Very prompt in service delivery, offering tips and giving adequate counsel. Ensuring that mutually beneficial relationships are cultivated. Even after the sale, the communication channel is still open.


What distinguishes our service from others is innovative service delivery. At the FABS, we want every home, company, school, automobile, church, mosque etc to be FABulouS!!! So, once you have a product from us, you are branded FABulous, as you are better prepared to handle emergencies, thereby saving lives. When there are accidents or sudden illnesses, you know what to do and you have the tools to do what you have to do. We are committed to making the world safe one box at a time

When a customer walks into our business they can expect that their expectations will be exceeded. What really makes us unique is that we offer innovative products/services and give our clients a sense of belonging to a really community, we set a culture and others follow. Our product designs are very unique, we make first aid care fun.

What stands us out is we offer value added service, that is we help install boxes bought for free. We take that stress off the client.