Financial Advice: What To Do When You Are In A Relationship

money in relationship

Dating has become a cog in the economic wheels of most people under thirty, and that is a complete mishap. Young buddies who are growing up always look out for a female partner to boost up their social responsibilities.

Sometimes, if you look at the financial implications of having an exclusive relationship with a female partner, you become discouraged. But are you supposed to be discouraged because of the fear of spending lots of money?

The answer is no, but the way courtship and dating are run in developing countries like Nigeria is not proper. Ladies operate under the illusion that the man has to pay for every single bill, and this has made them with a reserve dependent on the man.

Dating is a symbiotic relationship that should involve the contribution of both parties to make sure things are working out for good.  Even if some of these women get financially implicated in the context of having a relationship with a man, they grumble and get disgruntled. They feel it’s the responsibility of the man to dip a hand into their pocket to foot all bills.

All the young buddies under thirty should take note and jettison the illusion that they are responsible for footing all bills and make the necessary adjustment to cut cost in all ramifications.

There a few things you could do to make sure your dating life doesn’t impede your financial goals


Having a quick delivery of the lady you are dealing with is step one out of step ten. If you are able to discover that the woman you are dealing with is desperate to have anything she requests from you, then you have no option than to let her go.

Some buddies under thirty act too cowardly in this regard, they find it difficult to let the girl go or even say no to things they can’t provide. It is imperative you man up to correct the ills or break up.


Any lady you must roll with should be employable, she should have a job and self-sustaining without solely depending on you for her needs. Even if you are keen to dating her, make sure that she has the skills that would land her a job.

If she is unemployed, you may have to suffer it from the financial viewpoint.

Personal Finance

Some girls are nonchalant towards spending money wisely. If you have one of them, let her understand that savings and investment are critical factors to becoming financially successful in life. When she has that mindset, she will start spending more wisely.


Don’t buy the idea of eating out in a restaurant in a bid to keep your relationship lively. You can go to the restaurant and buy something else but not food. Let her cook at home, if she doesn’t know how to cook, teach, it will save you money.


Setting priorities the right way would be a bonus to your financial goals. You have to focus on the things that matter in your relationship. Smart decisions in that context would make cut some cost and even send a message to your partner that you do not spend money on things that don’t matter. 


Relationship, courting or dating should be enjoyed and not painful. Some buddies are under bondage, they are wrecked financially because they have a woman partner who is not interested in how the money is made.