First International Drinks Festival Comes To Lagos In December

International drink festival
L-R: Akin Eso, Ezeikel Adamu, Idia Aisien, Goke odende

It was a night of drinks, interaction, education and networking, Thursday 10th August 2017 was the unveiling of the International Drinks Festival at The Balmoral Convention Centre.

The International Drinks Festival is a festival that will bring Industry’s top brands, professionals and consumers in a groundbreaking experience geared towards moving the drinks business forward in Nigeria. It is going to be the first of its kind ever in Nigeria.

The event which will take place from the 1st – 3rd December, 2017 at the Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, V.I and proudly powered by Balmoral, is going to be an event of Exhibition of various drinks brands, Masterclasses with various drink professionals, various summits which will give the attendees opportunities to ask questions and interact with the drink experts.

The unveiling which also took place at the Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos kicked off with a cocktail session on the red carpet.

The red carpet was a spectacle of various drink sections, the beautiful local palm wine drink corner, the exquisite juice bar, the fun beer parlour spot. The Entrance was lit up with beautiful ladies welcoming the guests; The Red carpet was a beautiful scene.

TV presenter, Mimi Onalaja was also on the red carpet to interview the guests and asked them various questions.

​The event continued with host, International Model and TV Presenter, Idia Aisien, welcoming the guests and introducing the CEO of Balmoral Group, Ezekiel Adamu and COO, Balmoral Group, Akin Eso.

This was followed by an interlude, which was delivered by Comedian Pencil, who got the guests laughing, after which the International Drinks Festival video was played and Adamu and Eso to introduce and talk about the International Drinks Festival.

They both explained what the International Drinks Festival was about, the economic benefits to be gotten from the event, what the event entails, from Exhibitions, Masterclasses etc.

The International Drinks festival, which is the first of its kind already, has companies bidding for spots and it will be a one of a kind event and an eye opener to the Beverage industry in Nigeria.

The presentation was followed by questions from the press asking what measures they have put in place for the events to be successful and various other important questions, this was followed by another comedy interlude by Pencil.

The show came to an end with Idia Aisien giving the closing remarks and thanking the guests, this was followed by networking and more interactive session.