How Much Do You Really Care About Money?


[dropcap style=”square” bgcolor=”#dd3333″]I[/dropcap]f you care that much about money, how much do you really know about money? Money is what we deal with everyday of our lives from child birth when our parents have to pay the hospital bills to death when our children will have to buy the casket.

Despite the fact that money rules our every moment on earth, many of us know little or nothing about money. This is basically because majority of us are not thought about money in school unless you are among the few that read any of the business relating courses in school like Finance and Accounting. Otherwise, many people go through life knowing little about earning money, managing it, multiplying it and making it work for you.

The implication is that many of us really go through life struggling with money when a little knowledge of money management would have ensured that we live better lives. It is not uncommon to hear about people who worked for 30 years, earning millions throughout their lifetimes but retiring poor and miserable.  This happens because many people never really learnt anything about money thorough out their working life. They just satisfied in earning, spending and saving.

However, it is not enough to earn spend and save. That is the traditional view of money. To have financial security, you must do more than spend and save what you earn. What you will earn throughout your lifetime is limited. The trick is to find the right investment option that earns the right returns to ensure that your limited earning is enough to take of your many wants.

So, if you really care about money, then keep a date with this site. We will educate you about money, inform you about investment options and opportunities, source and provide advice on making wise investment decisions and shape you into becoming a better manager of money. We will do all this without boring you with unnecessary information.