How to Keep Some Money Aside for the Future

Our salaries never seem to be enough. So, most of us work for years and wake up to realize that we have not saved or invested a kobo for the future. It is however, generally agreed that it is dangerous to work without savings or making investments that will yield returns in the future. Here are a few tips to ensure you are able to put some money aside while working.
Open an investment or savings account that has a limit either on the number of times you can withdraw from the account or that does not allow you withdraw without a penalty.  This will ensure that you are not able to withdraw from the account at will and impose some level of disincentive for withdrawals.
 Take a firm decision on what proportion of your salary you will be saving or investing and what intervals you will be doing such investments or savings. For example, will you be doing your investments of savings on a monthly basis or will you be doing once every quarter. Ensure that you do not just save, also make sure that the money you are saving is earning an attractive return or interest rate. So, compare the available interest rates or returns from reputable financial institutions or investment houses to ensure you are getting a competitive return on your savings.   
Create a first line charge on your earnings or salaries that goes straight into this specially opened savings or investment account. This can be done by giving a standing direct debit order to your bankers. This will ensure that as soon as your salary or income hits your account, the portion reserved for investment or savings is taken out, leaving the balance for you to spend as you deem fit.
 Discipline is the final glue required to ensure that you never withdraw from your savings or investment account. You should make up your mind that the money in this special account is not part of your salary or earnings. All your spending should be restricted to what is left of your salaries or earnings after this deduction is made.
What proportion of your salary or your earnings are you saving on a monthly basis? Share in the comment section below.