How to Spend Less on Transportation

How to Spend Less on Transportation
Do not underestimate the draining power of transportation cost during Christmas.
In fact, the cost of transport compels some people to rethink their decision of traveling.
It has become a habit for transporters to hike the cost of transportation during Christmas.  It is disgusting and frustrating.
Unfortunately, a country like Nigeria does not have responsible consumer protection agencies.  These people are adding to the pains of the lousy economy; they wake up in the morning and hike prices. They are supposed to checkmate the excesses of transporters and make sure Nigerians are protected.
Here are some tips that will allow you spend less on transportation during the festive period.
Reserve a seat before leaving
It is good news that transport companies in Nigeria are going digital. People can book online, if you book weeks before your departure date, you are likely going to get some discounts.
It’s not late to start booking or reserving your seat; you are entitled to some discount which is helpful for your finances. You are better than the person that will go to the park to buy a ticket.
Travel by rail
Railway system is now functioning in Nigeria which is economically than what we see at the bus parks. Besides, it’s a good experience for those haven’t travelled by rail before. You could give it a trial. You will be cutting cost, at the same time having a full experience of how the train moves.
Stand along the express
This could be risky sometimes considering the level at which people are becoming wicked, kidnapping travellers for rituals. People pay ridiculously on transportation when you compare prices.
How does this work? Some persons drive their cars and decide to pick people from highways, especially if you are traveling to the Eastern part of Nigeria.
If you are lucky, you will see people whose cars could carry up to six persons, i.e., if the vehicle still has some spaces. If you intend to embark on this kind of journey, do not carry more than one bag. In fact, the bag you are carrying shouldn’t be too heavy.
Go to big bus parks
Personal transporters at the bus parks charge fee less compared to big transport companies. They are becoming too expensive claiming to be exclusive. Join drivers who do not operate under any firm; they tend to charge less.
Transport companies in Nigeria are a joke, making lives difficult for people. They are always targeting your wallet to rip off. Apply those tricks and get your transportation fee at a reduced cost.