How To Use TikTok to Generate 15,000 Sales in One Day

  • Below is how to use TiTok to generate 15, 000 sales in one day:
  • TikTok, it’s been a really fascinating platform.
  • Put together a strategy together that will help you maximize the usage of TikTok for marketing purposes. 
  • Influencer marketing strategy works well for TikTok. 
  • The best way to identify the influencers to work with on TikTok is to find people that connect with your brand. 
  • Get people that have the right type of engagement, who are authentic when they post their videos and the way they interact with their followers.
  • Gift influencers on TikTok and reaching out to them to get your products into their hands. 
  • A good video from TikTok influencer you gifted your product could be turnaround your business needs. For example, imagine gifting an influencer who has 5.4 million followers. And you get more than 12 million views on a video the influencer does on your product and shared over 60,000 times. There is a probability that it will result in 15,000 units sale of your product in one single day. That could mean selling six months of inventory in three weeks. 
  • On TikTok different opinions actually drive sales and not just views more than any other Social Media platform. What is interesting about TikTok unlike Instagram, for example, when a piece of information is posted on a feed, after a month or so it is dead. This means nobody scrolls down that much to see it, and it’s rare that it re-picked up in your browse feed. With TikTok, as things trend, they can be trending for six months to a year, just like kind of like YouTube in a way. Tiktok is a great place, where you can keep trending for such a long period for something that you invested once into.