In Ekun Iyawo, Lasisi, Kabirah showcase glory of Yoruba bridal poetry


The total beauty of Ekun Iyawo, the Yoruba bride’s chant, has again come alive. This is courtesy of, ‘Ekun Iyawo: The Bride’s Chant’, a musical video and book that celebrated writer, poet and journalist, Akeem Lasisi, has just released.

While the poetry itself is culturally deep and rich, star actress, Kabirah Kafidipe, who plays the role of the bride, gives the video an engaging experience, swinging from chanting to singing, dancing and trading in wit and swagger, the type the bride of old was synonymous with. Many who have always known Kabirah as a gifted actress will not be disappointed in her performance in Ekun Iyawo, as the work brings out the multi-best in her.

Interestingly, Kabirah, popularly called Araparegangan, based on the role she played in Tunde Kelani’s ‘Saworoide’,  can no more play this kind of secular role, having moved into Islamic missionary and productions. On this, Lasisi says he is happy that the video was shot before the transformation she experienced.

“I am happy that, through the role KB, as we fondly call Kabirah, plays in Ekun Iyawo, she has been documented in a very strategic way as someone who is not just an actress but a complete performer.,”Lasisi, who is also the producer of engaging poetry videos such as ‘Eleleture’ and ‘Udeme’, says.

Also elegantly playing the role of the bride’s mother is actress and broadcaster, Feyikemi Bodunrin Olayinka, who is Asake in Akinwumi Isola/Tunde Kelani’s romance movie, ‘O Le Ku’. With Lasisi as father, they are supported by other artistes that include Allwell Ademola, Opeyemi Aoko, Bimpe, Pappy Coker, who is the husband; Edaoto, Folu Agoi, Eebudola Sulaiman, Torera, Awoko and Ashine.

The wedding train and performance is enriched by the bride’s friends, who also chant several verses, echoing their friends, giving her confidence and hope even as she occasionally expresses fears concerning the future that awaits her in the husband’s house.Below is a trailer from EKUN IYAWO, while you can watch the full video on Akeem Lasisi & the Songbirds on YouTube. Besides, the complete work (the book, video and audio package) is available for sale on