LFA, Five Thousand Dollars And The Opportunity Of A Lifetime


Oluwatumise Oluyede

When opportunity meets preparation there is a spark – once said a wise man. Are you a young writer with prolific skills in expressing and conceptualizing ideas, and using the gift of storytelling to hold the attention of an audience? A producer who can turn basic storytelling ideas into a masterpiece? Or a director with the ability to bring out the ultimate best in a screen cast? But you haven’t yet gotten an opportunity to make your debut film? Then here’s an opportunity of a lifetime!

The Global Philanthropy Alliance has provided funding for LFA to run the ‘Film for Life’ Project, and empower a team of a young writer, producer and director to make their very first film, selected through a thorough screening process. The top three teams will be invited to a three-day bootcamp where these selected young creatives would be trained and equiped with skills and techniques for filmmaking. The winning team would then be selected to write, direct and produce a short film.

This project will not only give the participants adequate training and a chance to learn from major industry keyplayers but it will also give the winning team the opportunity to get their work funded to the tune of 5000USD while also making a debut into the industry. The core objective of the Film for Life Project is to empower young creatives by helping them increase and harness their skillset is effecting social change across the continent through interesting and captivating storytelling.

This project presents such an amazing opportunity. To be a part of a team of people who put together a body of brilliant and creative work that exposes and confronts social issues around election seasons, while also gaining a chance to be exposed to some of the best keyplayers in the industry and enviroment at large; is a win that cannot be quantified. LFA continues to push the envelope by providing innovating ways to support and empower young creatives to be all they can be.