Life Changing Tips that will Affect your Finance

This is What you Need to Know About Money

There are lessons in life the younger ones should learn, in fact, the earlier they start learning them, the better, because they are going to affect their finances, positively.

#Drastically cut down time spent on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc except someone is paying for your time spent on these platforms. (IF YOU’RE NOT PAYING FOR IT, YOU BECOME THE PRODUCT – Forbes)

#If you live in a country with a high unemployment rate, plan a LEGAL PATH to relocate to a country with a low unemployment index. Graduate school is one of your best options but beware of the Ph.D. except you are really really sure that’s what you want.

#Get your college degree and make sure you are not getting a degree in a low-income field, for example, literary arts, archaeology, anthropology, etc. You can search online for jobs and companies you want to work for and check their pay scales. This would give you an idea of how shitty or useful a college degree is.

#Apply for a paid internship in a field along with your career path. If you can’t find a paid internship, reapply with an offer to work for free- you need to build a resume and show credibility.

Besides, only a really unfair employer would refuse to pay you especially if they see you are really committed to your job.

#Read as much as you can and develop a steep learning curve on as many matters as you can.

#Get a job with a company you do not need to explain to people what the company does before they know. This would help you when you’re applying for your next job.

#Make friends with people that are smarter than you. The law of the averages: your friendships predict your net worth.

#This is the best time of your life to take risks. Rise, fall, get up and keep moving. Have no regrets.

#Don’t waste your time on unproductive relationships. Break up if you need to and count your blessings.