New Women Group Calls For A United Nigeria

Florence Ita-Giwa
Senator Florence Ita-Giwa with other women at the media launch of the group on Thursday

A new group which is a coalition of women group has called for a peaceful co-existence among all ethnic groups in the country.

Named Nigerian Women for Peaceful Coexistence and Unity, the group has called for an end to hostilities and violence in all parts of the country, while calling for continued dialogue between different sections of the country that may feel aggrieved.  The Convener of the group and former presidential liaison to the National Assembly, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa appealed for unity in Nigeria amid the prevailing disruption to public peace and order in some parts of the country.

Supported by a host of women including the former Deputy of Lagos state, Alhaja Sinatu Ojukutu and Kafilat Ogbara,, the senator appealed to Nigerians to shun the seed of discord being sown by some individuals.

“It is important that we as women, mothers and patriots lend our voices to the many passionate voices advocating unity, peace and progress for our beloved country.”

“The founding members of Nigeria bequeathed a united and virile country to us,” she continued. “It is our most cherished desire and in fact our sacred duty to do same for the generation that is coming after us. We want our children and grandchildren to also have the benefit or inheriting a united and virile Nigeria.

‘Many of us seated here were living witnesses to the horrors of the Nigerian civil war between 1967 and 1970. Two million innocent souls were lost in that war, that also saw millions of others losing practically everything. We lost spouses, fathers, brothers and loved ones who were conscripted to fight in a war that might have been avoided if we had let good sense prevail at that time.”

Having been a refugee during the Nigerian civil war, she said that war is not something anyone should encourage.