Protecting My Financial Assets: Be Careful of these 3 Places


Your financial assets could be all encompassing but the focal point here is, how someone could protect his or her money from online criminals.

Your hard earned money is not meant to be lost in a twinkle of an eye. When you are making your money you should also try not to give room for to loose that money.

Arguably, the convenience of using credit cards for online payment is exchanged for security vulnerabilities.

The convenience is irresistible, and only folks who are extremely security conscious could get it jettisoned.

In as much as a lot of people try not to move cash around isn’t a guarantee to exposing your credit card to vulnerabilities. The essence of using a credit card to carry out possible monetary transactions in an easy manner.

However, the point here is that the credit card you are holding is your real money in another form, therefore all necessary proactive measures should be taken to avoid stories that touch the heart.

The security of a credit card should supersede convenience, that way safety and security are guaranteed.

Now, here are some places and occasions where and when you are not meant to use your credit cards for any transaction.


Restaurants are amongst the top 5. Places where credit cards are often used to make payments. No matter how inconvenient it may look like, paying with your notes is a cool thing to do.

Inserting your card into a Point of Sale (POS) terminal is not a good security and financial decision.

“For those few minutes that you let your debit card out of your sight, it could easily be run through an illegal handheld reader,” says Barry Bridges, a Writer, and Editor for The Simple Dollar.

Shopping Online

When you don’t have the opportunity to visit a local store to get your groceries, you may resort to shopping online. It is a trend that some people find easier and more convenient than going to shops.

Irrespectiveof that, shopping online has serious security threat to your money (credit card). It’s even better you have accounts with strong payment platforms where security is robust.

These online payment platforms have more secured payment gateway systems.

“You don’t use a debit card online,” says Susan Tiffany, retired director of consumer periodicals for the Credit Union National Association. Since your card links directly to a checking account, “you have potential vulnerability” if you have problems with a purchase or the card number gets hijacked.

Hotel and Guest House

As a fact, it is better to pay using notes than using your credit cards. The reason hinges on online safety, and that’s enough reason to comply.

Using your credit card to foot hotel bills will require you to insert your card, which would be without your hold for some minutes.

Some even go to the extent of booking for reservations through the website. They make either part of full payment using their cards, a total act of online security immaturity.

Linda Foley, Founder, Identity Theft Resource Center, says hotels aren’t immune to hackers and data breaches, and several name-brand establishments have suffered the problem recently.

Do you want your card information “to sit in a system for four months, waiting for you to arrive?” she asks. “I would not.”

No matter how you are becoming confident with online payment, you should bear in mind that the moment your card isn’t with you is enough moment to get you hacked.