Some Businesses Need no Money to Start

Here are three businesses you do not really need money to start especially if you have a skill, talent or knowledge.  
1.   Do you have a skill?
Do you have a skill that is in high demand? For example, are you a professional accountant duly licensed by any of the professional accounting bodies including; the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), ACCA and ANAN? Then you do not need to look far to start a business of your own. You could easily help small businesses prepare their financial statements, cash flows, financial budgets and audit their year-end accounts. Skill based businesses require little or no start-up costs besides your professional knowledge.
2.   Do you have a talent?
Can you handle a pencil? Can you sing, really sing, dance or even play a musical instrument?  No matter your talent, it can offer you a great platform to start a business with little or no money. For example, a great art work can sell for millions of naira. So, if you are lucky to be among the few that possess special skills of being able to create an art work, then you are ready for business with little or no set up costs. Art works can be sold at art exhibitions or to hospitality houses and art collectors who are always out looking for rare art works.
3.   Why not become a Consultant
Do you have expert knowledge in a unique field? Have you handled the procurement process for a financial institution all your life and understand the process so well now that you can advise clients on what they can do to cut costs in resourcing their operations. You can use your knowledge to become a procurement expert. You could also have worked in international trade for years and now know the in and outs of importation. Why not use your knowledge to start advising clients on preparing their letters of credit and managing their import process. You need little or no money to do this.