Subtle Expenses you Must Avoid in 2018

Subtle Expenses you Must Avoid in 2018

This year, I have already made a decision not to pay for a gym membership. Not just that, I will not pay for GOTV subscription again. What I have spent in the last two years on these things is just mind-blowing. All these expenses have financial implications.

Besides, I went further to do an email cleansing. I removed about 370 emails from my email database. Some of these actions are part of my New Year resolutions. I do not know what your New Year resolutions are?

As a fact, there are a couple of things that would stand your way this year in achieving some financial goals. You must do everything within your ambit to make sure they don’t stand your way this year.

The more you pay close attention to these things, the better and closer you will move to achieving your financial goals.

Data Subscription

Interestingly, we have alternatives when it comes to subscribing to internet services because of the existence of telecom operators in Nigeria. If you do not understand the amount of data you consume, you might end up paying so much.

Have an estimate of the amount of bandwidth you consume monthly and patronize a good service provider. Glo Nigeria offers the most affordable internet service but may not be the best regarding service quality.

Streaming online videos should be avoided; you could take advantage of various midnight data plan to do that. They are the most affordable.

Impulse Purchases

This attitude makes you spend money you never planned to spend. Let’s say; you get to the market to buy a smartphone, just smartphone. After getting the smartphone, you decided to buy a headset.

If you are someone who plans according to a budget, you would realize that buying that headset already alters your budget. And the financial implication is terrible.


I have seen people spend lots of money on cream, powder, hair cream, sunscreen; you name it. These items cost money if you keep track of them. This year, you must streamline your expenses to a particular brand instead of buying different products, people who are suffering skin diseases know precisely what I mean.


Food is an essential part of human life.  There should be a redirection from buying junk foods to natural green food. You even realize that you spend more money buying dairy and cheese products than natural foods.

This will not only save you more money but also have better health benefits.