Taraba State’s Colourful Day At INAC 2019



It was a day full of vibrant colors as Taraba State celebrated its day at the ongoing International Arts and Crafts Expo taking place at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

The event kicked off with the state’s cultural troupe’s dance performance which centers around the state’s cultural and tourism offerings as nature’s gifts to Nigeria.

The six-man troupe which consists of three males and females respectively was decked in  colorful flamboyant costumes in hues of blue, burnt orange, black and red. 

As the drummers beat the drums with dexterity in high frenzy, the cast responds with backward and forward movements of their bodies, arms stretched sideways while holding the edge of the flowing skirts for the females and Babariga for the males.

They danced with the soles of their feet gripping the floor while their toes were tilted like some one who wants to fly.  Their movements were punctuated by shouts of ‘hei!’ and  ‘ai-ri-I—ai-ri-I!

This performance was later followed by the Unity Dance were the dancers held hands as they came together to form a circle signifying unity between man and nature, and perhaps gender equality.

The day closes with the dance, ‘Nature’s Gift To The Nation’ as epitomized by the statement made in the end.  The statement summarized what the state stands for as a state full of life, culture and tourism.

This dance illustrates the beauty of Taraba as a place with breathtaking scenic beauty. 

The costume worn by the cast also depicts nature’s beauty that is full of colour, peace and tranquillity.