The common characteristics of the very rich

  • The rich do not become rich by accident. They mostly set a goal to become rich and work towards it.
  • The rich constantly work towards success instead of waiting for opportunities to come to them. For them, money is not necessarily a byproduct of what they do. It is a top priority
  • The rich always look for strong mentors to hold their hands. Learning from others who have been successful is an integral part of becoming successful.
  • Rich people learn to maximize their time. They do not spend a high proportion of their time on low earning activities. They also learn to leverage the little time or resources they have through investments.
  • The rich have a vision and believe in their vision. They are confident about their vision and do not get distracted by what other people think of them but remain focused on their vision and work towards it.
  • The rich are not afraid or ashamed to fail. They see failure as a learning process and an opportunity to do it again but differently.
  • The rich also learn to monetize their mistakes. Their mistakes do not put them down but spurs them to look for a more innovative way to do it.
  • In not being afraid to fail, the rich are usually willing to take risks in life and sometimes big risks. They are usually faced with moments when they have to take a risk and they took it.
  • The rich realize that business ideas do not have to be complex. It just has to meet a need. Great ideas are usually simple ideas that provides a solution
  • The rich usually see problems are opportunities. Where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity to provide a business solution that will make money to the provider. The rich are solution minded. They always want to provide a profitable solution to societal issues.
  • The rich also show a passionate desire for their ideas. They have a great attitude and are highly optimistic about the world. They are not the type you usually find complaining about issues, rather they will look for a solution.
  • The rich are also very patient people. They realize that success cannot come overnight. So, they keep working at and improving on their ideas until it becomes successful.
  • The rich usually do not do it alone. They are usually able to form great partnerships or get great employees who help them to actualize their ideas.
  • The rich know saving money is good but they also know that earning money is better, so they focus on earning money.
  • The rich focus on success rather than hard work. Not that they do not believe in hard work, in fact, they usually work the hardest. But for them, it is not just enough to work hard, but hard work must also breed success.
  • The average person believes being rich is a privilege. The rich believe being wealthy is a right. The rich know they have a right to be rich by creating value for the society. So, they always look for ideas that can make them money.
  • The rich also know that money has no bias to whether you are educated, black or white, born with a silver spoon or wooden spoon or without a spoon. Money will come to you if you are able to create a money making idea.
  • Ordinary people usually think about money in terms of fear and scarcity. The rich see money through the eyes of freedom, possibility, opportunity and abundance.