Things You Should Not Spend Too Much Money On

You Shouldn’t be Spending Much Money on these Things
There are questions you should be asking yourself whenever you want to spend your hard earned money.
“We’re likely to spend money on something we don’t need if we get what we think is a good deal and assume the item might be handy at some point,” says Danielle Lescure, a professional organizer.
Lescure recommends asking you two questions to tell whether something is worth the cash:
1. Will it serve a purpose in your real life?
2. Do you have a place to keep it?
Even if you justifiably answer the questions as recommended by Lescure. You can still figure out yourself if those things worth buying could be gotten for free, especially if its an app or software.
For instance, there are things that appear inevitable that could be obtained for free, e.g., you need antivirus, but can it be obtained for free? Yes, you can get it for free.
Here are things you shouldn’t be spending your money on:
Bottled Water
I have noticed a common belief amongst people that bottled water is better than either tap water or sachet water.
No matter how modernized it may seem, water is a natural resource and should be seen as one.
According to a study conducted at the University of Iowa, many bottled water are no purer than tap. The study found that while most of the brands tested still fell within regulatory guidelines for contaminants, much of the bottled water contained the same impurities as a tap.
As an individual, I will not advise you to spend on Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware software. Although, the importance of online security cannot be overemphasized, at the same caution should be applied in buying them.
I strongly recommend and believe that the free version of the anti virus will help you stay safe online.
DVD, Disks or Cassette
It’s been ages I bought any of those items. When you start leveraging technology, you will realize that there are things you spend your money and it shouldn’t be so.
Why will you continue spending money on these things, when you can easily download movies or music online.
Whatever, music or movie you intend to watch, just Google it and click on any of the results displayed.
Bank Charges
In this part of the world banks hardly pay us interest for giving them our money, yet they charge us in the slightest transaction we carry out.
The fact is that banks appear to be indispensable, but they are not. You should avoid paying fees, the only way to do that is when you find alternatives to some of the banks.
“Consider going with a credit union, which is better than banks in many ways, to avoid some of these fees,” says Andrew Schrage, founder of”If you travel abroad often, make sure you use credit cards without foreign transaction costs; otherwise, you’ll be paying an extra 3% to 5% on all your purchases.”
Fancy Smartphone/Data Plan
Although you can still live without using a smartphone, I wouldn’t recommend that.
It’s pretty difficult to live without using a smartphone. Hence you should get one within a reasonable budget.
“We have seen people making less than $1,000/month who are spending over $100 of that month on a cell phone,”
says Jeremy Gregg, executive director of the PLAN Fund.
“Get an affordable plan and avoid the bells and whistles phones that can be used to upsell you to a higher data plan.”
Spending over one-third of your income on housing doesn’t worth it. You should go for something lesser than one-third.
Book is an invaluable repository of thoughts that has the capacity of transforming someone, no doubt about that.
But I wouldn’t advise you to spend an enormous amount of money on books. You can get most of the books or related online. There are tons of free ebooks online, check them out and download them.
Try to make amends and save as much as you can.