This is What you Need to Know About Money

This is What you Need to Know About Money


Money practically solves all physical problems in life, that’s the reason most individuals are bent on making money. On the other hand, some people have little or no clue about making money.

Time is an essential commodity that brings money; this is in contrast to the perception that money is the principal thing. The premise is when you start utilizing your time efficiently money will flow.

Achieving financial success will require you to understand what personal finance is all about and all the necessary tricks that could contribute to making it.
At least if you do not have any clue about money works, here are the deal breakers.

Get Some Work and Earn Some Money

Just invest your time properly and hook up with a job, it doesn’t matter how
Have you noticed that if someone gives you money? You don’t attach so much value to it because it didn’t cost you anything.

When you start working, you will discover in the long run that not money any more, it’s your time.

Let me cite an example: Instead of looking at an electronic device and say this will cost me X amount of money, say, this would cost me Y amount of time.

In other words, money is just a representation of your time because that’s what you’re spending

Time is Limited, but Money is not

Your time is the money. Forget about what you currently earn in your company or where you work. What should be your priority is your time.

Everyone can add to the Money Supply

You need to realize that many people contribute to the supply chain of money, even banks, and businesses. Maximise every opportunity when you meet people. If the bank could offer you a loan to pursue a good business deal, then you shouldn’t hesitate.

Money has a Life Span

It is not a permanent thing. When you have money, it is imperative you make good use of it wisely. Rechannel it to your investment funnel. Don’t wait for your cash to value due to inflation.

Of course, if you don’t have any money now, you can use the future money, but it will eventually have to be paid back

Attach Value to Money

The truth is when you get to prison, for instance, your money is appreciated, meanwhile outside of the jail, money has little worth. In every situation, you find yourself you need to be cautious about how you spend the money you earn.


There should be more focus on how you manage your time and one of the ways you could that effectively is to get a job because time is not unlimited like money.

Money has a lifespan; it doesn’t require reckless spending, attach value to it and bear in mind that there many variables involved in the supply chain of money