Three Ways To Make More Money As An Entrepreneur

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Most people want to make more money even if they do not say so openly. The world is ruled by money as you need money to access the basic and complex things of life. But how do you make more money, is a question that many keep asking.
1.    Your focus should not be on the money to be made but on the service or product to be offered. Money comes to only those who create value. So, instead of thinking on making a million naira, why not think of offering service to a million people. Imagine, if you can create a product that reached a million people, the impact you will make. The money will naturally follow, when the focus is on offering incredible service or product to a million people.
2.    Money should be the fuel to offer more service or improved products. When you start making money from offering incredible service, what do you do when the money starts coming in? The money should be used in offering more incredible service or products. Simply, the money should be invested in improving whatever product or service you are offering and increasingly elevating your service or product in a way that those who want to compete find it difficult to catch up. Your money should be invested in a relentless pursuit of excellence in whatever you sell or the service your offer. That is the only guarantee to make more money.
3.    Be the best at one thing. Do you have something you can do better than anyone else in your immediate environment or even in the world? Is it something you are very passionate about? If your answer to both questions is a “yes” then all you need to do; Work at it. Train. Learn. Practice. Evaluate. Refine until you become so good in it that the world notices in a way that they are ready to pay you premium to deliver it to them. Achieving excellence in what you do usually commands premium pay. So, aim for excellence in what you do and watch the world pay you a premium price for it. However, excellence can only be achieved through continuous persistence in a desire to achieve excellence.