Useless Things you Have Spent Money on

Useless Things you Have Spent Money on

As humans, mistakes are inescapable. We make lots of financial mistakes in many ways than one.

We spend money on useless items; bring to ourselves expenses that ordinarily should have been averted.

Moneyissues sampled the opinion of a few persons to know how they have spent money on useless things. 

Black Steve, a building constructor in London. 

There are lots. Once I get an idea there is no stopping me.

I have bought a fishing boat  – I don’t fish.

Golf clubs – Don’t like golf.

Caravan – Not used still parked up four years later.

3d printer – used twice

I could go on but you get the idea. I am the king of impulse buying.

Gaurav Gupta

Coffee: I was a coffee drinker and I used to drink coffee twice a day. Recently, I realized I am spending almost 250 USD every month on just coffee.

The worst part was since I used to drink Starbucks venti size, my meal timings were irregular.

Shoes: Back in India, I used to have like 25–26 pair of shoes. While I was moving to the USA, I donated most of the pairs in India and promised myself just to own few necessary ones. But you know the habit is a habit and now again I own around 17–18 pair of shoes. The recent pair of shoes I bought was on last Sunday.

Lalitha PriyadharshiniCoffee Addict, Starbucks Gold Member

 I spend 150 pounds(~13500 Rs) a month on coffee.

  • I live in London and drink coffee twice a day
  • Coffee costs a minimum of 2.5 pounds
  • I am used to drinking 2 X 10 Rs Filter coffees in Bangalore. I make awful coffee so I drink cappuccinos outside

This amount used to be a small portion of how much I spent on groceries for the entire month when I was living in India. This came as a shock when I was doing balances.

Paul Tackett

Alcohol. Wish I had every penny back after drinking an ocean of beer, a river of wine and a lake of liquor already in my lifetime. Got me nothing but hangovers and trouble.

Alcohol is one of the biggest traps we face in society today.

I’ve smoked cigarettes and cigars but the ole demon alcohol stole far more of my resources over the years. Fortunately, I experienced spontaneous sobriety and was able to rid myself of any future cravings.

Azharuddin Syed lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I will not say useless but spent on buying more than required.

I have around 45 t-shirts, 40+ shirts, 3 sweatshirts, 2 jackets, 2 sweaters 5 pairs of shoes and 3 watches.