Why Am I Broke?

Being broke is not the same as being poor. Being broke just means that, you can cover your basic needs and not able to save or pay a debt. While being poor is a bit different. You’re not able to cater for your basic needs, let alone of paying debts and other necessities.
A large part of the Nigerian populace fall into the category of being poor, the same thing applies to the group of people who are broke. So, which category did you fall in?
The following compels you to be broke:
You’re Unemployed
Getting a decent job could fetch you some reasonable amount of income, but not a guarantee to escape being broke.
Surf the internet and apply for jobs. Most of the vacancies today are post online, and you will notice them when you surf the internet.
The issue of unemployment is exacerbated when you lack basic employability skills. If you don’t have a skill, learn one and start applying for jobs.
When you have a skill, your chances of getting employed becomes easier.
You live an expensive life
Living a healthy life is not expensive, but humans made it look expensive. When you start buying things that are beyond your income, that’s a problem.
Your social life in this regard must be questioned. How often do you go out in a month?. Do you buy food outside, rather than cooking in your house? Of course, eating out is expensive, you will save more when you start cooking.
The moment you accept all invitations to birthday parties, dinner and all that, the more you will be prone to spend more.
Your social life affects the way you spend money, and its important to have a second look. You are likely not going to spend much when you are not often involved in social activities .
You are probably lazy
It’s entirely understandable when you are the busy the type that doesn’t have time for laundry. Some people could be lazy to wash their clothes; they prefer to give to laundry men to do the job.
This will probably cost you some amount of money that should have been used for something else meaningful.
There are other ways laziness could take away your money. For instance, there are household chores you can do yourself, but the moment you assign it to someone for a fee, you spend.
Sometimes, you can be too lazy to walk down to the next street to see someone. You prefer to pay for a ride.
Also, shopping online can fall under the category of being lazy, though you call it convenience. Most of the things you buy online are pretty more expensive than going to the next shop in your street.
You are using money to sustain your relationship
Love can be expensive, when money is the priority. To be in a relationship is not bad, but can be discouraging when your partner is the type that has much focus on shopping, hanging out, buying stuff, etc.
Although, whether your partner is money driven or not, your love life will take away some cash from you no matter how you try to be prudent. You can still control it.
But, come to think of it, it’s quite appalling to see guys spend lots of money just to impress their woman. This is not advisable.  You’re only compounding your financial problems.
You are too cheap
How does this sound? It sounds so surprising, right? It is better to be frugal than to be cheap. When you spend money on cheap but fake items, you don’t see results. These items get damaged and you buy them again.
There was a time one of my colleagues who had skin infection spent her money buying skin care products that were inferior. She always think that the authentic ones were too expensive.
She continued like that for long, before she decided to consult a dermatologist who diagnosed her and offered solutions. The cosulation and diagnoses cost money, but she didn’t spend much again aftward, because she got the result.
Final thoughts
You need to start working on any of the areas mentioned. You earn some income that should not keep you in the web of being broke. Start making the necessary move today.