Why Beefing up your Financial Knowledge is Imperative

Why Beefing up your Financial Knowledge is Imperative

As it is now, gaining financial knowledge is no longer an option, it has become imperative. Everybody wants to become financially successful in life and the greatest mistake people often make is to gain financial knowledge later in their life. This is not ideal for somebody who wants to retire in his fifties. You should start early enough to start accumulating financial knowledge.

It’s all about dealing with numbers, not necessarily equation like algebra, its financial mathematics which is just a fundamental. Even if you don’t like numbers, it is good you get acquainted with financial knowledge because you would be mostly dealing with numbers.

There is no point becoming scared of dealing with numbers; it is not physics or rocket science. It is not even pure mathematics, all that is involved addition and subtraction, in few situations multiplicity.

Acquiring these skills is crucial, not just easing off the stress of not keeping track of your income and expenses, but also a prerequisite to becoming financially independent.

“If you can speak the language of money, you will be more successful,” says Richard Ruback, a professor at Harvard Business School and the Co-author of the HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business.

“The decision-makers will want to see a simple model that shows revenue, costs, overhead, and cash flow. They need to see why it’s a good idea.”

In some organizations, you would be denied the opportunity of getting involved in project management or any other thing that has financial implications.

Joe Knight, a Partner and Senior Consultant at the Business Literacy Institute and the Co-author of Financial Intelligence, says that an absence of financial savvy is “career-limiting.”

Apparently, one of the reasons you see lots of people delving into accounting because it virtually applies to different fields in any sector. You will always deal with money.

One good thing learning financial skills is that once you have the foundation, you can always build from there. What is paramount is to overcome that fear, develop the passion for learning finances.

You may not necessarily do a program; it is possible to speak with a friend who has a background in finance to give you insights.  If you are in a completely different field, there is no point spending fortune to gather financial skills.


All you need is to start taking that bold step to understanding figures, basics of mathematics which involves addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.