2018 Financial Goals and Objectives

2018 Financial Goals and Objectives
2017 is gone, and we are gracefully witnessing 2018. Lots of people would have written down their goals and objectives for the year. This New Year goal will be missing if there are no financial goals.
The year ended on a sad note considering a whole lot of things that affected the Nigerian economy. The fuel scarcity, the exchange rate and another compendium of harmful activities all affected the Nigerian economy.
However, there should be optimism in 2018 irrespective of the things happening. Your financial goals for the year should be a priority if you must grow successfully.
The flip side of having these financial goals each year is that many people do not keep up with their unrealistic goals. They do not try to strike a balance between expected income and expenditure.
Know what you want
Not knowing what someone’s need or want impedes financial goal. People jumble upon things they do not need. There should be a clear and precise laid down of what you need. It will prevent any attempt of impulse purchases.
“I want to have my credit card paid down and more money in the bank.” Instead, you should write a financial resolution that is clear and actionable like, “I have the balance on my credit card paid down to $0, over $5,000 in my savings account, and a fully funded IRA.”
Close Redundant Accounts
Having too many account details with different banks does not make any sense. You end up being charged by those banks instead of accruing interested from them. Do a proper check this year to know the kind of account you need to keep and the once you need not continue.
Enroll in that professional training that you have always wanted. 2018 has to be a year of self-developing yourself in your chosen career. If it’s a degree program, enroll for it. Your finance has to be rechanneled to self-development. That is a must goal for 2018.
Give Money
Showing financial kindness is a sure way of feeling the value of money. Have a budget of 5 percent every month and offer people some people financial assistance.  This type of kindness pays off in years to come. Lots of people are indigent and are always looking forward to getting any form of support. Make it a priority this year, which your money would serve as a help for people.
Read Financial Books
You should try and read financial books every month. Make it an objective. Financial books will help boost your understanding and that cannot be overemphasized. These books will hone your financial skills. You get to understand what retirement is, what financial planning is and others.
Other financial objectives could also be incorporated. Some of these things mentioned will help boost your financial goals and objectives.