Digify PRO Came At The Right Time

Hannah Adejugbagbe
Hannah Adejugbagbe

Hannah Adejugbagbe 

Participating at the  Digify PRO cohort 7.0 Lagos by DigifyNG (sponsored by Facebook) has been a dream come true for me because all I wanted this year is a platform to gain exposure, to learn, and to establish my professional profile as a Digital Marketer.

Being always focused and motivated to grow professionally, Digify PRO came at the right time and the program brightened the dimmed area of my career. After getting in, I realized that I knew so little. A lot of things happened, which includes some formatting and configuration. I pulled through and I can boldly say that I have a broad knowledge in.

Agency processes because we worked on real live briefs, analytics, and measurement, social media management, brand reputation management, content creation, email marketing, UI/UX, video editing, graphics, and design, Paid advertising through different social media platforms (FB ads, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter)and the search engine(Google ads), search engine optimization and personal branding. 

Also, I learned major life lessons and interpersonal skills necessary for me to carry out effective communication at work, productive teamwork, and collaboration

The DigifyPRO program has passed down diverse values I can never recover from, I am thankful to our project manager Mrs. Florence Olumodimu Atunwa, our facilitators, and the organizers of the boot for the great opportunity. I can confidently say that all my expectations were met and  I have made tremendous progress both in my branding and professional outlook. 

Thank you DigifyNG!