My DigifyPRO Bootcamp Experience

Ezirim Gracious Martin
Ezirim Gracious Martin

Ezirim Gracious Martin

Learning and Applying what has been taught are two ends of a rope, we all know and can relate to this right?

Firstly, I’ll like to point out that being on DigifyPRO Online BootCamp sponsored by Facebook was a great privilege and a good foundation, one on which my Career in the Digital Space is without questioning; firmly rooted on. In the space of 8 weeks, I learnt cutting edge Digital Marketing Skills such as Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Facebook Blueprint Courses, Creative Strategies, Effective Communication Skills, Content Creation & Marketing, The Future of Work, Video Production, Copywriting Skills, UI/UX Design, Graphics Design and AGILE Work Process just to mention a few. It was what we call Full Package.

But there’s a question to be answered, “How do we know we really learnt all these?” Knowing that the mind is the worst place to store things, especially when it comes to this Industry – Digital Space, within the 8 weeks of the Bootcamp, we worked on LIVE Briefs in groups; working on specific tasks that centers around putting concentrated practice of all we were taught that week together into solving a company/community goal as a task, this was done repeatedly each week so everyone participated fully.

What a plan of a Digital Bootcamp right?

Secondly, how amazing it was as we also had top agency experts come onboard to train us from different parts of the World, we had Brenda Nwagu (CEO QVT Media), Ajibola Omokagbo (HR HeadHunting LTD), Brittni Abiola (Chief Marketing Officer, BomaLink), Aanu Gopald (CEC, ORSC) and Mr. Ranti Atunwa (Executive Director, TBWA) just to mention a few.

I really wish I can mention all in one, but then, this article will be for sale if all the names are to enter here, that’s just a glimpse of how packed the program was.

Thirdly, speaking about the impact of being on this program in my life might take a whole day and turn into a full book, however, I will not be silent about that. I had to intentionally unlearn all I knew (all I thought I knew) about Digital as new wine cannot be poured into old and stained vessels. My horizon has just got widened and a lot more detailed now, I now understand how to seperate my wheat from the charf, I can now comfortably create Content Strategies and follow up with actions, I can create awesome and engaging contents, conduct Media Buying and Selling for SMEs and Big Brands. I can comfortably put my best foot out (I didn’t even have one before) and strategically position myself where my audience will find me. All of these, just because of DigifyPRO Digital Bootcamp.

Lastly, not to forget the amazing people I got to know during this program, recall I mentioned we worked in Teams, now I know how to collaboratively work with groups and teams remotely and achieve mind blowing things, the World may be seeing 80 graduates, but I see 80 Digital Power houses – All thanks to DigifyNG.

I am most grateful to Mrs. Florence Atunwa Olumodimu (Program Director, Nigeria) and the Nigerian Team which consists of Mr. Seyi Omotunde, Mr. Joshua Theophilus, Mr. Israel Oyenigbehin and Mrs. Rosemary Ani for their selfless involvement in our consistent growth throughout the 8weeks. You all were so much more interested in our growth than we were for ourselves.

I would strongly, and without questioning, recommend DigifyPRO Digital Bootcamp to others to apply. I encourage other graduates not in full time employment to follow their pages @DigifyNG across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and @Digify_NG on Twitter, don’t forget to Turn on post notification so you can be the first to know when it’s time for registration so they can apply for the next cohort in early 2021.

it’s never enough to be self-taught, now I know better.