Digifyng Isn’t Just About Skills Acquisition

Murewa Newo
Murewa Newo

Murewa Newo

The first time I heard about Digify NG was in August 2020, I had just concluded my year of mandatory service (NYSC) and the road ahead seems fuzzy at best. I had no job and no plan, with basic skills in writing, content creation and digital marketing. I applied to be a participant of Digify Pro Nigeria Cohort 7.0 boot camp and to my greatest surprise, I got in! The first thing I noticed about the program was how all-encompassing it is, from the very first class where Mr Seyi Omotunde asked us to set our goals not just for the program but for our long term career growth, I knew that I was in for the long haul. 

Digifyng is not just about skills acquisition or youth empowerment, it goes beyond that to make young people look beyond limiting circumstances, and instead focus on what they could become if they are willing to embrace growth and grab opportunities that are made available to them.

 The boot camp curriculum was very intensive; within the 8 weeks we were exposed to the Nigerian media landscape, content creation, social media and community management, digital strategy, media planning and media buying, web design and development, data analytics, and a whole lot more! The best part of this program for me was the opportunity to be taught by industry professionals at the peak of their career, these people gave us real-life insight into what works in the Nigerian digital industry, and also gave us strategy briefs on known brands across various fields to work on. Another bonus was when we were tutored by Digify alumni who have become industry top guns due to the platform given to them by the program. 

The highlight of the 8-week experience for me was the weekly live briefs, this tasked our critical and creative thinking capacity and made us rely on collaboration and team-work. The live briefs also taught us how to work remotely since the program was held 100% online due to the pandemic.

 My favourite brief was the one given to us by Mr Ranti Atunwa, the creative director of TBWA on the MTN foundation, because this brief had me functioning on a level I would never have imagined possible at the start of the program, and it made me discover my love for brand and content strategy.

 Digify took me past my already existing limitations and opened me up to possibilities I didn’t even know existed. I am now a certified Facebook Digital Marketing Associate, I have developed confidence in my skills, my content creation game is now up to industry-standard and I have gained new skills such as how to work remotely, digital strategy development, graphic design, social media management and so much more.

 On the whole, the entire program was power-packed. The experience was completely life-transforming and now I know that no matter where I go in the world, I can never be stranded because I have been equipped with cutting edge digital skills because of my 8 weeks with DigifyNG.

 I strongly recommend that anyone with a passion for digital marketing, content creation and the like should apply for this program and join a network of fast-rising stars who are the future of the digital marketing industry, not just in Nigeria but even in Africa and the world.