How DigifyNG Taught Me Digital Marketing

Paul Izuogu
Paul Izuogu

Paul Izuogu

I planned to maximise the disappointments of 2020 by accumulating as much knowledge and certifications as possible, and I enrolled for DigifyPRO on that premise.

DigifyPRO is said to be a Digital Marketing bootcamp, but I believe that’s an understatement. It is a total reconfiguration and reformatting, as it helped participants improve their personal branding, communication skills, morale, confidence and general productivity.

A participant who successfully graduates from the programme can fit right into a career in an advertising agency because we are given real agency communication briefs to transform into advertising briefs.

Participants are also taught the whole nine yards of Digital Marketing: Social Media and Web analytics, as well as the reporting, Social Media Management, Brand Reputation Management, Content Creation, Email Marketing, Creative and Content Strategy, as well as the demystification of other important and related IT skills like user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design, video editing, graphics, and design, and workplace skills such as Agile Process and Design Thinking.

The fast-paced nature of DigifyPRO helps demystify so many things in tech to a complete novice. After the duration of the bootcamp, one’s confidence level is so high that they feel psyched to achieve anything. Little wonder the alumni always perform outstandingly!

It’s indeed a whole lot and it’s really amazing how all of these could be done in only 8 weeks that seem to speed by so fast. My major takeaways were on remote collaboration since it was a completely online bootcamp where we also had to work in teams. 

I remain grateful to the organizers, facilitators, participants and teammates (Cardinal Interactive Team) who made this a swell ride.