OPINION: Why Not Leave The Olukoyas Alone?

Dr Daniel Olukoya with his wife, Mrs Shade Olukoya
Dr. Daniel Olukoya with his wife, Mrs Shade Olukoya

I have read with amusement in the last few months the many lies and false accusations being bandied on social media about Dr. Daniel Olukoya, founder of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries and his wife.

I wondered if his accusers ever truly know the man they have so much written about? They have posted so many false stories and cast aspersions on his person. I wondered at the liberty social media has given to so many people who have become overnight journalists. They lack the basic training of journalism. They seemed to be unaware of the motto: ‘truth is sacred’ in journalism. They lack understanding about the principle of fairness and the importance of hearing both sides of the story. They have been so blinded by their prejudices that they never even bothered to share the man’s side of the story. They never bothered to reach out to him through his aides to ask for his side of the story. They deliberately ignored the statement he issued stating his side of the story. That’s is when truly their reports can be considered as journalistic.

These fire brigade journalists have endangered our profession such that it is difficult for unsuspecting and undiscerning readers to know which ‘news’ outlet is genuine online as many fake content aggregators and not journalists took the liberty of YouTube and Facebook to open all manner of channels feeding gullible consumers with contents full of bile and hatred.

Penning this, I know it is easy for his accusers to easily label me as a paid agent of Dr. Olukoya. That’s the easiest way for them to shy away from the truth and ignore their conscience as often as they tell these lies about Dr. Olukoya.

I read with the utmost disdain, a certain post claiming Dr. Olukoya and his wife are divorced. When did that happen? I have been attending MFM since 1997. The last time I checked over the weekend, Mrs. Olukoya still held her weekly Evening of Hymns which was broadcast on all the ministry’s social media platform including hers. She still did a prayer video to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Prayer Rain. So, when did the divorce take place?

One of his critics accused him of hiding his son and ask why his wife is living in the United Kingdom? If I may ask, why shouldn’t Dr. Olukoya relocate his family abroad if he deems it fit? If that’s what suits him, why can’t he? There are people whose wives and children are living in Canada, the UK and the US and their husbands are working in Nigeria? What makes Dr. Olukoya’s case different? Besides, I understand his wife is doing her PhD in the UK. So, because her husband has a ministry her career as a visual artist should be put on hold? Or her academic career should wait? Since when did it become a crime for the wife of a G.O. to stop being ambitious career-wise? I can’t understand the prejudiced and misogynistic views about her.

Curiously, most of the people who are vilifying Mrs. Olukoya are women!!! I will never stop saying that we women are our own worst enemies. Why are we always so antagonistic of one another? Why can’t we support and lift one another? Funny enough, these women would have done worse if they were in her shoes. They are the type who won’t let church members go near their husbands. They are the kind who would sit in counselling rooms with their husbands just to show they are in control. They are usually control-freak. Yet in her magnanimity, she has encouraged her husband to assist many church members. There are so many church members that Dr. Olukoya has paid or is currently paying their tuition secondary and higher institutions. There are many members that he sent to school both at home and abroad. There are many church members that he is currently paying their house rents. Many people are living free in the church’s accommodation. How many of these women criticising Mrs Olukoya will allow their husbands to do all these and not call it a waste of precious resources? Sadly, his critics have at one time or the other benefited from his largesse.

Why should the amount he has in his personal account be a problem for anyone? This is a man who has a PhD and has many research works and books to his credit? Someone of his status should be driving exotic cars yet Dr. Olukoya drives a Toyota Sienna. I know this personally.

I was at the inauguration ceremony of current Lagos state governor Babajide Sanwoolu. Unknowingly, Dr. Olukoya’s car was parked next to me. Where I stood with fellow journalists, I saw him coming towards the car with his wife. He entered the car. Shortly after his driver drove off. Unlike other G.O’s Dr. Olukoya drives a Toyota Sienna as a Doctor of Molecular Genetics!

I have known him not to be an ostentatious man. In the late 1990s when I started attending MFM on Wednesday revival service he would just wear a polo shirt and trouser and come to preach. Even on Sundays when he wears suit till today, his suits are usually slightly oversized. He doesn’t wear fitted suits that brings out his shape. To put it simply, he doesn’t care about such things.

Those who are claiming he is using their glory to grow his ministry. Why don’t they start their ministry for them to know what it feels like? How many can boast of 20 people in attendance at their first meeting excluding them and the members of their families? Why don’t they go and steal people’s glory to start and grow their ministries so they can know how easy it is to do so.

I have been attending MFM and I have been a beneficiary of their prayers. I am a living testimony of what their style of prayer has done and can do. All my prayers were answered without any pastor laying hands on me. I attend their meetings and pray with my mouth. I received answers to them. That is the kind of church MFM is.

To those critics taking Panadol for another man’s headache, I will advise you to desist. The data and time you are wasting castigating the Olukoyas use it to research businesses and professions you can do to move your life forward. More importantly, use it to start your online ministry if God is leading you to do so. Face your battle and fight it. Let God be the judge of the Olukoyas if they have at any time deviated from their calling. Don’t be another Miriam in the Bible who was fighting God’s fight against Moses. I believe you remember clearly the judgment that God passed on her, she became leprous. Hold on to your calling and face it squarely.